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Re: help identifying camera/film


I am not exactly 'positive', but it looks like one of the "Kodak Autographic" series.a
I have, if my memory serves me well enough, an 'Autographic 1A"

If You wish, I can make some quick digital images of mine and send them to you for comaparison.


On 11-Aug-08, at 5:50 PM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

Dear all,

NOT alt related per se but what the heck, unless film is "alt" now:

This probably serves no purpose but to satisfy my curiosity. I have been going through these old family pix and have come across the camera that took a bunch of BW negs I have from my family of origin. Here are 3 shots of what is the camera. Does anyone know what camera this is and what the "number" of film it took was? It is definitely roll film.

I put it on a page on my website called "Miscellaneous", where I can post a pic or two every now and then for discussion purposes, so the page is poorly done but oh well...


Christina Z. Anderson

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