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Re: help identifying camera/film

Yes, you can send me some digi images offlist--that would be great.

John Gronkowski, the negatives are either 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 or 3 1/4 x 5 1/2--I
have these two sizes of negatives in my possession, but I am pretty sure it
is the larger one of the two as the smaller ones are negatives from the 20's
and 30's and the larger ones are negatives from the 20's thru 50's which is
when these pix are taken.
PS How do you like the dust on the images, heheheheh?


Christina Z. Anderson
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I am not exactly 'positive',  but it looks like one of the "Kodak
Autographic" series.a
I have, if my memory serves me well enough, an 'Autographic 1A"

If You wish, I can make some quick digital images of mine and send  them
to you for comaparison.


On 11-Aug-08, at 5:50 PM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

Dear all,

NOT alt related per se but what the heck, unless film is "alt" now:

This probably serves no purpose but to satisfy my curiosity.  I  have
been going through these old family pix and have come across  the camera
that took a bunch of BW negs I have from my family of  origin.  Here are
3 shots of what is the camera.  Does anyone know  what camera this is and
what the "number" of film it took was?  It  is definitely roll film.

I put it on a page on my website called "Miscellaneous", where I  can
post a pic or two every now and then for discussion purposes,  so the
page is poorly done but oh well...


Christina Z. Anderson

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