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Re: Eliminating CaCO3 in buffer in "achival" watercolor papers

Thanks Dirk,

This is reassuring -> will try the acetic acid way. BTW, I'll prefer to
use pure acetic acid since vinegar contains other unwanted compounds.


12 Ağustos 2008, Salı, 2:09 pm tarihinde, Dirk-Jan Treffers yazmış:
> Hi Loris,
> Indeed, acetic acid might be a good solution to your problem. Regular
> houshold vinegar (usually a 4% acetic acid solution) will probably do
> just fine.
> Calcium acetate indeed has good solubility characteristics in water.
> There are more products that will result in water soluble salts to
> clear any CaCO3, but they probably will ruin your paper, or are very
> damaging to your health (HCl, HBr, Benzoic acid, chromic acid, to name
> a few...).
> According to my chemical books from university (I studied chemistry),
> acidic acid is by far the most preferable option. And household
> vinegar is the easiest form it comes in :-)
> kind regards,
> Dirk-Jan