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Re: Tilt Gallery's "Photography Re-Imagined" exhibit

Congrats on the acceptances and honorable mentions, Diana!

Jennifer Linnea Daley is the spinach triptych's creator.

Yes, it was a picture from my stay in New Orleans after Katrina.

Of the others accepted I think Steve Lewis may be on the list, tho it may be another man, too.

Wish I could have gone there...

Christina Z. Anderson
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Hi all,

We've been traveling out West for a couple of weeks now, winding our way through Colorado, Utah, Nevada-- and finally arrived in Phoenix last night-- just in time for the opening of Tilt Gallery's second annual "Photography Re-Imagined" exhibit, juried by Christopher James. This is a really wonderful exhibit, with intriguing prints and all types of processes. There's one anthotype, a triptych made from spinach, which is so delicately beautiful. I loved it, though I can't now remember the name of the photographer who did it. If she's on this list, maybe she'll announce herself. Her print has inspired me to give this a try. We have a huge mulberry tree in our backyard that does nothing but make a real mess, so I'm encouraged to try this with those mulberries.

I recognized several names from the list, too. Keith Taylor was awarded second place for a photogravure, if I'm remembering correctly-- really lovely and rich. Chris was awarded honorable mentions for her two gum prints. I was especially impressed with the one that looked like it may have been taken in the aftermath of Katrina(?), though not sure. And in the long-standing spirit of self- promotion, I also won honorable mentions for each of my 2 prints, one of which was my first successful tri-color gum print, made from a zone plate negative, and the other was a gum over pt/pd print.

There are probably more people in the show from this list, but I can't remember all the names now. I was so impressed with the work shown, though-- as well as the gallery itself and the way it was presented. And unlike so many photography shows I see-- all the images were so compelling, on different levels, and included many different processes, all done exceptionally well. There was one Van Dyke print which was the richest Van Dyke print I've ever seen, and must have been done on a very thin (Japanese?) paper, because it had these delicate little lines and creases through it, which worked really well with this particular print. The range of processes and image content ran the gamut, but all very impressive.

I loved seeing the many small prints, too, as opposed to the giant mural-like photos in most photography exhibits. I was surprised to see one chromogenic print, made by Claudia Wornum, which was spectacular, but I'm guessing digital has now transformed C-prints into an old-fashioned and "alternative" method of printing(?). I had just put two in another show myself, made with a filed-out negative carrier, and I remember at the opening someone asking me what happened to my print along the edges. (I would have assumed that there was a Photoshop option that would mimic a filed out negative carrier look, but clearly the person who asked (who is relatively young) had never seen that before.

At any rate, if anyone is in the Phoenix area, do go check out the exhibit. Melanie and Michelle Craven (identical twin sisters) who own Tilt really did a beautiful job with the show, and it was fun to finally meet them. So if you're in the area, stop by; it's definitely worth the trip. I was inspired, for sure, and it was great to see so many people there-- the place was really packed.

I'm never sure what I can attach here, in terms of links or whatever-- but if you Google Tilt Gallery, you can see the list of photographers showing work, though I don't think the images are shown.