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Re: Eliminating CaCO3 in buffer in "achival" watercolor papers

You're right, my (maybe wrong) point was that: since acetic acid is a
milder acid compared to HCl, it would do less harm to the paper,
acutely... As far as I can read, acetic acid is the main cause of paper
deterioration, so it has to be thoroughly washed out of paper when done.

I don't have the dreaded black / brown spots (had them once, but I was
using a cheap rusty brush -> it wasn't because of paper...) but maybe it's
better to eliminate the possibility altogether.


13 Ağustos 2008, Çarşamba, 8:19 pm tarihinde, etienne garbaux yazmış:
> ...
> I do not think acetic acid will be effective with the tiny metal
> flakes that create the dreaded spots, but if you aren't having that
> problem (it comes and goes from lot to lot for many papers, and
> manufacturers don't seem to care much about it because photo
> printmakers are very much minority customers for fine art paper),
> that won't matter in your application.