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Odd, it's listed in the new DS catalog, but I don't find it on the page where the colors are shown in swatches. Well, never mind, I'm not questioning your information, just puzzled why they didn't take it out of the catalog.

W&N and Rowney also market a Perylene Maroon (PR 179) but if you need something in the Daniel Smith line, I'd suggest their PR 175, Deep Scarlet, which for years and years was my favorite red for tricolor gum. Not sure what you're looking for (what hue range and value range and what kind of printing you want to use it for) but this is a deep rich scarlet, which when I was comparing many different pigments for tricolor a couple of years ago, I found to be remarkably similar in appearance to alizarin crimson (PR 83) but lightfast. Hope any of that is useful,

On Aug 18, 2008, at 4:13 PM, Rajul wrote:

The local art store (the only one) informs me that Perylene Maroon is no longer stocked by Daniel Smith.
Can anyone suggest a close second?

Thanks! Rajul

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