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Re: concentration of 14 baume gum arabic

On 3 sep 2008, at 13:49, Dirk-Jan Treffers wrote:

thanx Loris, Kees,

These are some pretty fast answers!
I'll try both methods. At peter van ginkel, the limpus were sold ou,
there is a Boesner now in the netherlands (amsterdam) .... they have plenty of gum arabic et al; prices are also very good.

http://www.boesner.com/boesner/servlet/frontendNew/index.html? setLocale=nl_NL

so i went for the powder....


2008/9/3 Kees Brandenburg <ctb@zeelandnet.nl>:
Hi Dirk-Jan,

I have been mixing my own gum from lumps in a 35+100 (gum+water) ratio for
years. When using lumps you can filter the solution by binding the lumps is
a piece of cheesecloth and hang this in a jar with water. I am using a cheap
winemakers hydrometer to measure specific gravity. A sg to baume conversion
tool can be found here: http://www.ilpi.com/msds/ref/ baumescale.html. This
gum mix is at or around 14 beamé when measured! I tend to use a more
concentrated (1+2) solution now.

I buy my gum in the netherlans at peter van ginkel artsupplies:


On 3 sep 2008, at 12:50, Dirk-Jan Treffers wrote:

Dear list members,

does anyone know what concentration of (powdered) gum arabic in water
most likely will come close to 14 baume gum arabic that you buy in art
supply stores?
I've searched on the internet, but could not find a direct answer.
Maybe anyone here can help me out? I'm getting a bit sick of paying
rediculous prices for very small bottles, and have 1 kg of powdered
gum. When I mix it in a 1:1 ratio, the gum looks far more dark that
the regular solution, and I'm afraid that will taint my final

Anyone have any ideas on this matter?

thanks in advance!