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RE: gum preservatves

On Fri, 5 Sep 2008, Marek Matusz wrote:

Judy, Your husband bought it 20 years ago to fix a dent in the car. You should have a can of plyester rsin that is sitting nest to it. Ask him if he stil indends to fix tnat dens in the car that you sold 10 years ago? The peroxide is not an alt chemical that I know of. Marek>
Husband's car is already 12 years old, and if you park on the streets of NYC, as he does, you'd NEVER fix a dent -- there would be a new one before the peroxide was dry. Not to mention that there would be big trouble in Candy Land if sainted husband put ANYTHING in my studio supply cabinet.

But I'll look for the polyester resin -- whatever that is. It reminds me that I came across a formula for "resinotype" in an American Annual of Photography from the 1920s... Very frustrating: It calls for "resin" but doesn't say what kind.