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Re: gum preservatves

Chris says that if gum went,

.....I'd have to switch to casein like Peter Blackburn and Sam Wang and make my prints out of my morning milk. Or gloy I suppose.
I found powdered milk fine for casein, and always the same, which fresh milk isn't, plus once you've mixed it the first time, no big deal. But gloy is the pits, at least IME... the only way to get gradation is by brushing it off... (On 2nd thought, maybe that's what Namias meant by "resin"?)

2 other things...

1. I put some of the Varn gum in the freezer to see how it kept, but never tried it, not actually sure if it's still there. Has anyone ever frozen gum arabic then printed with it?

2. How's your knee Christina? Hope you're mending.../mended.....