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A comment on lith film, which folks probably already know, but I mention anyway -- The trick for our purposes is usually to get full value continuous tone, but "lith" film is made to be high contrast. As it ages however, it gets softer. So it keeps very very well... I've used some 20 or more years old & it was fine. (I don't plan to use it ever again, though, since I'm hooked on/stuck with the digital camera, for better or worse, but I anyway know better than to say "never"...

so I don't...)

PS. About Leopard: My daughter (who is more than 5 years old, which may be the problem) has had trouble with a new mac laptop bearing Leopard, which wouldn't connect with this or that wifi when she was out of town. She said Apple knew about the problem but had no intentions of fixing it. (They probably want you to have to buy giraffe.)


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