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Re: gum preservatves

On Mon, 8 Sep 2008, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

Well, that is what is so interesting--you know how he repeated himself over and over in his publications, Judy? He essentially used the same document in both magazines and books with some modifications. He talked of some giving 10 or 12 printings, he knew someone who did 25-30 coats on a gum, but he gets it all in 4-6. So he is even doing a couple coats more than a tricolor. His di of choice was sodium, but you are right in that he did use dichromate 1.65x the gum, so more dilute than the 1:1 usual.
Actually Chris, that was my mistake. I was probably asleep at the time... I was thinking Demachy, who I believe did mostly one coat -- and I think probably k di, and usually if it was sized, with starch, a whole other proposition... I do remember Anderson bragging about his 24 hour soaks, but mostly his.... uh oh, never mind. The other thing I recall is his suggestion for ways to "improve" register with multicoat monochrome... by faking it with pencil.

Sorry about your knee... a friend told me she'd had some knee help from something I forget now, but I'll ask her... Meanwhile I only knew about the ACL as Americn Civil Liberties.... may you soon be liberated...


PS and no my knee is not better--probably tore the ACL slipping on the wet darkroom floor and probably requiring scoping which is a nice term for surgery.

Christina Z. Anderson
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Speaking of gum arabic, Christina said:

I am amazed at those of you who have the same gallon for years--Paul Anderson had the same gallon for, what did he say, 18 years?

But as I recall, he only did one color, one coat-- and may have diluted more with the k di...