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Re: Pigments for neutral color balance in gum: (Re: Fish Eyes again)

Thanks Yves, I do RGB separations -> the algorithms and programs you
mention are for CMYK (if I'm not mistaking), therefore useless to me. I
don't want a perfectly color-correct result, just a convincing
approximation + more neutral blacks that's all (since being consistent is
almost impossible because I mix the color for each layer by hand, w/o
using stock gum/pigment solutions). On the other hand, I think one can
build a custom CMYK profile (measuring each primary color and the
combinations with a spectophotometer) for proofing and manipulate the
color balance on screen in order to get the desired result <- (probably!?)
but this isn't what I want to do.


18 Eylül 2008, Perşembe, 2:19 pm tarihinde, Yves Gauvreau yazmış:
> Loris,
> the starting "colors" you use are important for sure but the proper color
> separations may prove more significative in obtaining neutral print
> values.
> But you will need special tools and software to do this but it will also
> take the guess work out of the process. I would argue that this problem is
> one of the many reason color management was design for. To my knowledge,
> there is even a special algorithm design for this specific problem, if
> memory serve me well I think it is called the gray axis algorithm. Combine
> this with a software program that can create the required separations and
> you should be in business.
> Hope this helps,
> Yves