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Gum Color Gamut & Beyond CMYK?

Hi all,

Just continuing what Loris was talking about in regards with using a predefined set of pigments and building a profile for Gum printing. If one could build the profiles based on the CMYK pigments, can we say that this holds a certain color gamut. Lets say we want to increase the color gamut?
There are other methods as Pantone Hexachrome method of 6 color separations CMYKOG, adds orange and green separation. Adding these additional separation would therefore increase the color gamut. That is if the image you have includes those additional colors.
I'm sure there are methods to make additional separations in PS, though it might be complicated? If someone knows how to do this please chime in..
Though it excites me to think that one could increase the color gamut from finding what pigments fall further than the usual inkjet printers do these days.