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Demachy practiced gum for over a decade, about 12 years, and then was wooed away by oil printing, the Rawlins process which came on the horizon in 1904. He continued to do gum for a couple more years (1906), then abandoned it altogether to concentrate on oil printing. He exhibited 53 oil prints (!) at the RPS in 1907. No wonder he abandoned gum at that time with that prolificity. THEN he quit photography all together in 1914. He didn't die until 1936 so it wasn't that he was close to death. Jay says no one knows why he abandoned photography but he did go to sketching...So his work was mostly produced over a period of 20 yr, 12 of which were gum and 10 oil.

A book that is really good on Demachy is Robert Demachy by Bill Jay. I (as usual) found mine at a used bookstore and paid $75 for it, but I see it is available on abebooks.com for about $20.

Christina Z. Anderson
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Thanks Dirk, glad that's cleared up, with one proviso: Demachy was, actually, a prominent oil printer. He only printed gum for six or seven years, and then he went on to oil printing. Maybe he was the kind of person who is only interested in something until he figures it out, then moves on to another challenge.