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Re: thank you list people!

The reception for Gregg's show isn't until October, but the exhibit is up now-- if there's anybody on the list who is in the Durham, NC area-- you should really go by and see the work (downtown at Durham Art Guild). I saw it last week, and it really is so intriguing. Overnight (pinhole) exposures of the moon, and 6-month long exposures of the sun's path-- they're fascinating, and many of them so beautiful (and beautifully abstract). Nice printing, too. Congratulations, Gregg!

Your lunar pinhole work looks to be quite intriguing. Congratulations
on your show.

On Sat, Sep 27, 2008 at 11:37 AM, Gregg Kemp <gregg@roanokesound.com> wrote:
I just wanted to thank people on this list for all the valuable, thoughtful
and colorful discussion. I rejoined the list this past winter when I
finally decided to make the plunge into some alt processes. So far I've
only had success with cyanotype, but I've been pleased with those. And this
month I'm exhibiting several of these at a local arts center. I haven'
posted many questions to the list, but have learned so much from reading the
postings and the archive. I especially want to thank Diana Bloomfield for
providing not only lots of email help, but also for loaning me a UV light
box for several months.

Today, I'm making my second attempt at gum printing. But before
continuing, I just needed to say "thanks!"

You guys are great!

Gregg Kemp