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photo ed in Netherlands

On Sat, 27 Sep 2008, Dirk-Jan Treffers wrote:

And Judy: Looking forward to hear from you with more details. Just the fact
that you've actually GOT articles at home the go 102 years back makes me
jealous... I don't even know of a library in the Netherlands where I could
go search for that kind of information....
Dirk-Jan: Where are you in the Netherlands? I'm wondering if you're anywhere near Leiden, since Cor Breukel -- also known as "photo omnivore" (and rightly) -- is at the University of Leiden (or was).... and even if he's too busy (last I heard: 3 kids, including twins !) to offer a tutorial, he's bound to know what libraries, courses, or other sources are available. Also Henk Thijs (another omnivore, tho he doesn't use that title) is in Heerlen... I admit that, as a New Yorker, it's all Outer Mongolia to me, but these guys are both SUPREMELY informed (and Henk -- oh, that portrait of grand daughter was sublime... AMAZING ! Did I say gorgeous?!! I couldn't open the third one, but will try again), so can almost certainly give you some pointers of where & how to get info.