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RE: Tricolor gum, order of layers

Hi Marek,

Unfortunately Ultrafine doesn't work with my printer (HP 9180 with
pigmented Vivera inks). That's bad since I have two 100 packs of 11x17
Ultrafine material (which was purchased before the new printer)...

5 - 6 minutes doesn't bother me -> I wash the mixing vessel, rinse the
brushes and the syringe during the exposure -> all is clean and set for
the next layer ;)

David, Ultrafine is perfect for your 1290, would you like purchase it? ;)


3 Ekim 2008, Cuma, 3:48 am tarihinde, Marek Matusz yazmış:
> Loris
> I understand economy. I have not printed gum negative on pictorico in ages
> for the same reason. FOr smaller sizes  I use whatever injet transparency
> is available in local office supply store and for years I have been using
> Ultrafine with excellent results. I am now printing woth Epson 3800 in
> black ink only and it is just outstanding, not to mention fast!
> I have to say that long exposure drive me crazy. Anthing longer then 5
> minutes and I am going over the edge. I just love 1 minute exposures. They
> fit in my workflow perfectly.