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Re: Gum on masa, again

Dear all,
Nice to see so much gum back n' forth over the last couple weeks. Knee surgery sure as hell took a couple weeks out of my life. Beware of slippery darkroom floors...

Loris, even tho you are asking Keith, I'll add my two cents: I always develop my prints face up as well as face down because I usually do 6 12x16's (inches) at once and my bathtub only holds two side by side, so I have two face down, two face up, and two in large trays of water waiting for the bathtub, also face up (because water is too shallow in the tray to put face down and risk marring). I have never had staining issues this way, but then again, I do size. It's another one of those "depends on your practice" myths. But I figure a couple thousand gum prints should provide enough scientific evidence in my practice with sizing and glut to dispel this myth. Tho I am not using masa.

BTW your gums are looking stupendous and I think you worry too much about perfection. I happened to like the original brick image you thought was too colorful, had imperfections, blah blah blah...as well as the scrapey grainy face one. Tho I think your last face is brighter and more appealing that you just posted.

Fight the gum fight, Loris :)

One other thing: many people are talking about cheap substrates--no wonder in this global economic meltdown. What about this:


It's less than $1 a sheet of 8.5x11...

Christina Z. Anderson

Keith, how you develop the print face up? That interests me for future
prints on rigid surface such as aluminum or wood. Do you agitate the print
often? Don't you get staining (due to melted gum/pigment migrating
irrelevant places)?