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Re: Gum on masa, again

Chistina, I wish you a quick and complete recovery.

Wow, six 12x16"s a time; an enviable performance! How yo do it?
Intermittent agitation? Can you please elaborate a little bit?

Thanks much! Perhaps I'm being too perfectionist, but that's only for the
purpose of getting the best from the current material set. I'm not looking
for / after Cibachrome quality at all. Just something different and
discernible which gives me many options for intervention and
interpretation (both in terms of materials and looks) with a handmade

The Arista film is quite interesting BTW... Thanks for pointing to it.


12 Ekim 2008, Pazar, 11:42 pm tarihinde, Christina Z. Anderson yazmış:
> Dear all,
> Nice to see so much gum back n' forth over the last couple weeks. Knee
> surgery sure as hell took a couple weeks out of my life.  Beware of
> slippery
> darkroom floors...
> Loris, even tho you are asking Keith, I'll add my two cents:  I always
> develop my prints face up as well as face down because I usually do 6
> 12x16's (inches) at once and my bathtub only holds two side by side, so I
> have two face down, two face up, and two in large trays of water waiting
> for
> the bathtub, also face up (because water is too shallow in the tray to put
> face down and risk marring).  I have never had staining issues this way,
> but
> then again, I do size. It's another one of those "depends on your
> practice"
> myths. But I figure a couple thousand gum prints should provide enough
> scientific evidence in my practice with sizing and glut to dispel this
> myth.
> Tho I am not using masa.
> BTW your gums are looking stupendous and I think you worry too much about
> perfection.  I happened to like the original brick image you thought was
> too
> colorful, had imperfections, blah blah blah...as well as the scrapey
> grainy
> face one.  Tho I think your last face is brighter and more appealing that
> you just posted.
> Fight the gum fight, Loris :)
> One other thing:  many people are talking about cheap substrates--no
> wonder
> in this global economic meltdown.  What about this:
> http://www.freestylephoto.biz/sc_prod.php?cat_id=&pid=1000002708
> It's less than $1 a sheet of 8.5x11...