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Re: Argyrotype

I'm not sure if they're doing it with "every" paper. My understanding is
that they use it for taming alkali buffered paper (= to neutralize the
buffer), since iron processes don't get well with alkali buffered paper.

There was a discussion recently, that presumably acetic acid can probably
be a better alternative to oxalic acid (for eliminating the buffer), since
with calcium carbonate buffered paper, oxalic acid will form sharp
crystals of calcium oxalate (I had this experience with Fabriano Artistico
for instance) and make the paper gritty. Whereas acetic acid with calcium
carbonate will form highly soluble calcium acetate, and eliminate the
buffer from the paper. Another option could be to use hydrochloric
(muriatic) acid.

Too strong and/or too long acid treatment is not recommended. It will harm
paper fibers, making them brittle...

Hope this helps,

18 Ekim 2008, Cumartesi, 1:51 am tarihinde, Paul Viapiano yazmış:
> Would acidifying paper in oxalic acid benefit processes such as
> argyrotype?
> I know that pt/pd printers need to do this with some papers...
> Paul