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Re: workspace

LOLOL that was a COMPLIMENT Keith!! See this is my theory--if my workspace is not organized, I cannot think straight. I think a disorganized dimroom is a sign of someone who is able to multitask excellently despite whatever is going on around. I think my organization is compensatory to help me multitask better or I would be a raving lunatic. In person you are hilarious, quick, energetic, and I can just see you dabbing a little of this and a little of that in that space.

I don't bend over in my bathroom. I sit on the floor. Well, now with a full extension knee brace it is incredibly difficult to navigate so you have a point. AND I have to be in it for 4 more weeks.

I cannot believe that with 20 years of expert downhill skiing and nary an injury that a slip on a wet darkroom floor would have me here at this juncture. I am spitting bullets.

Christina Z. Anderson
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"your energy fits your space"

hmmm.... I've parsed that a few times trying to find something positive in there

But regarding your bathtub developing station, I worry about your
back. I guess it is the nature of my haphazard approach, but I spend
a lot of time swishing prints and fussing over things. I cringe when
I think of leaning over that tub (and no, my bathtub IS in better
shape than my mixing area)

On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 8:32 AM, Christina Z. Anderson
<zphoto@montana.net> wrote:
I uploaded four pix of my workspace, but even though it looks pretty clean
and organized, it is SO organized I lost my step wedges! Still can't find


Also, kitchen is used to size only when famdam is gone. Bathroom is used
continually and my kids know that if they take a shower in there, they are
likely to get magenta feet. Loris, you can see how I make multiple prints at

I have to tell a funny--I showed a Powerpoint of my Research and Creativity
to the Provost at our university (he's the man that decides budgetary issues
among many other things). I showed the image of my bathroom development
that is on my website. My department head thought it was hilarious, because
the Provost is a chemist and seeing a bathroom used in this manner would be
anaethema, and therefore a good image to convince someone of our need for
more funds, which, of course, was not my intention at all. I just have to
work at home because I can't get distracted by 100 questions from students
while working.

And our Provost totally understood gum printing when I explained the process
and said he'd be glad to help with research into the chemistry of gum. I
have an ally!

Keith, your workspace makes me totally LAUGH. I am pretty blessed to have
met you in person (had lunch in Chicago with him and Mark Nelson one day)
and your energy fits your space. And Judy, I have SEEN your workspace...I
remember going to your house and there was a woman there who was using your
darkroom to do her work. I thought that was incredibly generous of you, as
I would never let anyone use my dimroom space. But if I remember correctly,
you have an upstairs studio (huge) and the entire basement for your darkroom
so you have HUGE space for all your stuff. Mine is just a bedroom. And I
learned the hard way that carpeting is not good for a dimroom, as I have a
nice cyanotype stain on my brand new carpeting.


Christina Z. Anderson
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"I bet  he knows where everything is"

uh ,no.  Actually, I found a long-lost can of rubber cement by looking
at that photo.  And there's that Dulling Spray I was looking for...

On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 9:09 PM, Judy Seigel <jseigel@panix.com> wrote:

Keith's space looks like home, except I thought when I looked at it, "I
he knows where everything is" -- more than I can say for myself. (Still
looking for the 3 pairs of scissors I *carefully* put... someplace.) Plus
picture an unmade bed in the background: I sleep on a foam mattress on a
flat file in the studio: so I can roll out of bed to "fix" (or destroy)
whatever whenever.

However, I've probably mentioned that I'm fanatically careful about not
letting am di flakes get loose and/or into the air... (It's worked for
20-plus years, and who knows? maybe a few more.)