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Re: Stock Paint:Gum Solutions?

it is a very precise but (for the common people) less meaningful way to say "a molecular weight of 25000".
RMM means Relative [to 12C] Molecular Mass;
the Dalton (kD is its multiple) is the universal mass unit, which is referred to 1/12 of the mass of an unbound atom of carbon-12.
Thanks Katharine,
I will have to translate "a RMM around 25kd" -> currently it doesn't mean
anything to me :)

24 Ekim 2008, Cuma, 8:04 pm tarihinde, Katharine Thayer yazmış:
I found the information from Mike Ware on PVA for Loris:
"We found an 88% hydrolyzed PVA, with an RMM around 25 kd in 20% w/v
solution to offer the best all-around results--comparable to 14
Baume' gum."
"If you make any public use of this information, please cite it as
follows: Stephen Beckett, M. Phil. Thesis, University of Derby (UK)
November, 1993, (A private communication from Mike Ware)."