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RE: Gum Calibration 3 (Dark Tricolor)

Roller smooting does not require any more sensitizer then brusing. In my workflow I distribute the sensitizer with brush and then apply roller to it even it out. By that time roller (dry roller to begin with) is applied the paint is already slightly tacky and does not absorn into the roller. It only coats the surface. It is good to do the first coat on a scrap paper this way your brush is soked with sensitizer, roller is slightly coated and you get very consistent for next several applications.

> Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 21:57:07 +0200
> From: mail@loris.medici.name
> Subject: RE: Gum Calibration 3 (Dark Tricolor)
> To: alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca
> Thanks much Marek. Especially about roller coating. That seems to use
> quite a lot of paint -> will definitely resort if I can't manage to coat
> as evenly as I'd like it to be... For now I'll continue with brush coating
> -> thinner!
> I'm just doing a test by diluting the stock pain/gum solution. I'll see if
> that's too little paint (probably it'll turn up as you say).
> You're right about brush and sprayer but I want some consistency right now
> (and less stress).
> Regards,
> Loris.
> 27 Ekim 2008, Pazartesi, 5:39 pm tarihinde, Marek Matusz yazmış:
> >
> > Loris,
> > By all means experiment. It is the best way to learn gum.
> > Just looking at you note and remembering previous posts I have a few
> > comments.
> >
> > It seems to me that diluting your stock pigment solutions with additional
> > gum will lead you to weakly pigmented layers. I can only judge that basis
> > my use of Daniel SMith pigments, but somehow I do not suspect that other
> > brand contain 2x the amount of pigment. Your statement that individual
> > layer are too dark and hence the need to add more gum leads me to the
> > conclusion that you coating is too thick. That would also agree with your
> > difficulty of smooting the layers out. It is just about impossible to
> > smooth thick layers of gum.
> >
> > I would suggest dilute your stock solution with dichromate 1 part stock +
> > 1 part dichromate and skip the additional gum. Measure the amount of the
> > mix that you use to arrive at consistent l ayer thickness.
> > FOr coating pour the mix on paper, quickly brush it in making sure it is
> > spread all over the print and start rolling with the foam roller (I roll
> > in one direction up and down and them side to side). Keep rolling applying
> > less pressure as you go. You will end up with a very smooth coat (my
> > practice is about 1 minute). If you keep rolling too long the mix gets too
> > tacky you will start see roller marks.
> > The roller has to be damp, but not too wet. Try coating 5-6 sheets at a
> > time. By the time you are done with the first sheet the roller will have
> > the correct dampness to it and would have picked some paint for a steady
> > state work. By the time you get to the 6 or 8th sheets you will have the
> > feel for the coating.
> > If the roller becomes too wet (long rolling times) just roll it over dry
> > paper towel.> > Remember that the most creative tools for gum are the brush and sprayer
> > bottle during development. They might help you more then overly compicated
> > negative systems.

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