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RE: Gum Calibration 3 (Dark Tricolor)

Great! Will try as soon as I buy one... That was really helpful, thanks.

27 Ekim 2008, Pazartesi, 11:28 pm tarihinde, Marek Matusz yazmış:
> Loris,
> Roller smooting does not require any more sensitizer then brusing. In my
> workflow I distribute the sensitizer with brush and then apply roller to
> it even it out. By that time roller (dry roller to begin with) is applied
> the paint is already slightly tacky and does not absorn into the roller.
> It only coats the surface. It is good to do the first coat on a scrap
> paper this way your brush is soked with sensitizer, roller is slightly
> coated and you get very consistent for next several applications.