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Re: Art Boards Gesso + pumice + acorns(!)

Thanks! Some of the black is the effect of the scan (using a fully exposed
/ developed piece of glossy RC paper as reference black - for setting the
black point I mean), the real print is slightly less contrasty / punchy ->
but it's very close (hence, I didn't bother to fix it after the scan). So,
don't feel bad about it! :) Besides, to my knowing, currently you're not
using Fabriano -> I'm sure you'll give that it's a lot (big difference!)
easier than Masa or aluminum sheets!

Thanks, I also plan to look in construction shops since I learned that
pumice powder is used for making high quality mortar and cement.


30 Ekim 2008, Perşembe, 9:26 pm tarihinde, Keith Gerling yazmış:
> Nice!  I like the simple elegance.  I am very envious of your blacks.
> Regardless of the pigment concentration I just cannot get a decent
> black.  It's starting to really tick me off.
> I'm totally confident that the pumice trick would work with any gesso.
>  Contrary to their claims, there doesn't seem to be anything
> extraordinary about ArtBoard. In fact, I would imagine that pumice
> added to clear acrylic medium would work as well.  I bought my pumice
> at a printing supply dealer.
> 2008/10/30 Loris Medici <mail@loris.medici.name>:
>> Hi Keith,
>> I will look for pumice powder this weekend, in order to try it with
>> ordinary gesso... Have you used pumice powder with other brands of
>> acrylic
>> gesso before? I'm asking this to understand if this is a combined
>> effect
>> (ArtBoard gesso + pumice powder) or just the result of using pumice
>> powder?
>> BTW, see my latest print here:
>> http://www.loris.medici.name/gum/acrons_03_ymc_sm.jpg
>> Partial calibration; single curve for all colors (devised for magenta),
>> stock yellow and magenta solutions, eyeballing cyan from tube...
>> The horizontal bands are the effect of paper negative. (Unfortunately
>> some
>> sheets show that pattern.) Print size 7x10".
>> There's considerably more staining than I'd like to have, but still
>> works
>> for me...
>> 30 Ekim 2008, Perşembe, 1:48 am tarihinde, Keith Gerling yazmış:
>>> I started adding things to this gesso today in an effort to give it
>>> some tooth.  Equal parts gesso and ground pumice, thinned with water,
>>> gave me a plaster-like surface that was very absorbent.  This is a
>>> tri-color gum on an aluminum panel:
>>> http://www.gumphoto.com/gessotest3.jpg  Pretty bad.  Murky and lacking
>>> in contrast.  (The surface isn't quite as grainy as it appears here)
>>> The pigments did not stain, which kind of surprised me after watching
>>> how the surface absorbed the emulsion.  I'm going to try it again
>>> tomorrow on a similar surface sized with hardened gelatin.
>>> Loris, you are off the hook with regards to sticking me with this
>>> gesso.  The results aren't great, but I think I might be able to
>>> salvage something out of it.
>>> Keith