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I was the baby of the family and so by the time it got down to me, the eighth, the parents were pretty tired.  I used to sit and watch TV a lot with my parents, lying on their bed with them (they had a TV in their bedroom), the news and talk shows and such and even Lawrence Welk.  I miss that time with them.  Dad's cigar smoke wafted through the room (I know, some would now be gagging)...
Do you know I never knew who they voted for though we watched all the news?  In the family I was raised in, this was considered a "personal" matter.  Some may consider that strange and that it impinges on healthy dialogue.  To me it freed me to be true to myself and not my parents' wishes.  
I have yet to see healthy dialogue about politics, except one I had this past month with a guy who was a conflicted independent not knowing who to vote for in this election.  It's that inquisitiveness that I really liked in talking with him, he truly wanted to dialogue and not diatribe.
Barbers and professors, and I have been both, should listen with inquisitiveness instead of diatribe, IMHO.  But I think I am in the vast minority on this opinion.  Oh well...
My dad considered himself an independent and my mom who survives him still votes that way. Even though I lean a little left of my parents I would love to go back to Joe the barber's even though I don't think he is cutting hair and I am living 2300 miles away. 

I don't think the list is a barber shop but if I could get a good #0 (the clippers without an attachment) in a tiny hotbed of conservatism, we young and old altimers can survive a little post election banter.


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