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Another problem from France

I received the e-mail below from Jean-Claude Pronier <jean-claude.pronier@wanadoo.fr> and am going to send him Gord's address as well, but maybe in the meantime, someone has an idea... If I recall correctly, the other Frenchman with this problem also had a Wanadoo service provider... !? Which suggests two possibilities 1.Wanadoo is unloved for good or bad reasons, or 2. Wanadoo is the only ISP out of France. (Or both?).

anyway... Jean-Claude wrote:


I've a problem with the list, my messages stay hidden, please could you give me the way to mail the list manager?


for Jean-Claude and any others who don't have this info at hand, Gord's address is (at least in my "list info folder")


make a note of it !!!!!!!!!



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