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Re: cheap bromoil brushes

Beth Moon and I just studied with Larry Shapiro - oil printing (related

He argued that you don't need the $100 class brush (though he did
comment that the Lewis brush that Beth had was fine).

So - do summarize! the feedback and recommendations as I would like
to prusue this - and what I saw was the need for a set of brushes of
different sizes - so, if you come up with a recommended student set - 
I would be "hopping" up and down...

Simple Green - 


Larry said he walked away from all the toxic cleaners (bad for you) and
uses this stuff to clean up surfaces, brushes, the cat (MEOW! - joking).

It really worked well - cleaned up all the ink!  I am going to order 
some now!

> Dear all,
> I am in the bromoil "unit" of study in my Experimental class this semester, 
> and I need some advice from the many more experienced bromoilists on the 
> list.
> I am blessed with two things--wonderful David Lewis brushes that Mark 
> Andrews sent my way out of the goodness of his heart, and assisting David at 
> Penland and learning bromoil from him.  But my problem is this:  how to find 
> cheap enough bromoil brushes that also do really well for the students to 
> buy?  They don't have $80 readily available when the assignment is only one 
> assignment of many.
> Can anyone lead me to a cheap, GOOD bromoil brush they have used?  I see 
> Bostick and Sullivan have ones for $20 and I ordered a couple for our 
> checkout at school and they are on their way.  Has anyone used them?
> Any and all brush help you can provide would be welcome.
> BTW a great cleaner for brushes that he uses, which is cancer causing so use 
> outside of course, is trichlorethylene, available at hardware stores by the 
> gallon.  It leaves no residue on the brushes.
> Chris
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