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I get a similar problem occasionally when I print Pt/Pd and I've put it down
to the acidification. I acidify with a 2-3% oxalic acid bath and the problem
seems to occur when I let the paper soak rather than rocking the tray. I'm
not 100% sure this is what is causing the problem as I haven't tried to
prove it and it only happens occasionally. Maybe a seasoned Pt/Pd printer on
the list can confirm this. I can put an image up on my website later if need


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Thanks, John...

That's what I have...

In my travels with argyrotypes, I'm finding that whether I acidify or add a 
surfactant, humidify, etc, whenever I have a large area of dark values (near

IDmin, say a black background on a still life), it's very tough to get a 
smooth dark without it being a bit hazy, chalky or whatever.

Is this just something that is endemic to some of these processes?



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> Hi Paul
> FAEW isn't a bright white but a slightly creamy yellow.
> John.
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> Hi all...
> I was wondering if Fabriano Artistico EW has a special watermark that is
> different from the non-EW version?
> I bought what I thought was EW, but it is not a bright white, so I was
> wondering...
> It's a wonderful paper and my argyrotypes are working out great after
> acidification. I know a lot of folks who use this for their pt/pd as 
> well...
> Thanks,
> Paul