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Re: separations for gum printing

22 Kasım 2008, Cumartesi, 4:32 pm tarihinde, sam wang yazmış:
> ...
> To see the differences, you might duplicate an RGB file and convert
> the dupe to CMYK. Then duplicate both of these and invert them to
> negative. Then compare the channels of each file and the differences
> would be very evident. (By the way, your example looks like you
> inverted it to negative BEFORE converting to CMYK. Correct?)
> ...

Dear Sam,

No, I did it exactly as you describe. I use a custom cmyk profile; ink
colors: swop newsprint, dot gain 0%, GCR, Black generation = None, Black
limit = 0, Total ink limit = 300%. (My observation is that GCR and UCR are
equal as long as you keep Black generation setting at "None".)

If I had a spectrophotometer (and wanted perfect color-match), I'd use the
custom ink colors dialog to enter the Lab coordinates of paints and
overprints but that's far away of my actual intentions...

Thanks for commenting.