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Re: Pinhole gums

On Nov 30, 2008, at 5:42 PM, Charles Ryberg wrote:

As an aside, I have decided that I'm just not a "pinhole person." While I like the idea of pinholes, the first thing I do with an image is click the sharpen button. So, I might as well face it and stick to glass.
One of things that has kept me working with pinhole cameras for over thirty years is the way they can obscure an image. It's a dilemma that lot of people are attracted to pinhole photography, but immediately try to turn their images into sharp focus prints. The interest in the optimum pinhole size is an example of this. I've pursued these things myself out of compulsion.

But one of the things I like about Marek's gum images is that they further obscure his pinhole images into something more abstract. Its just a personal thing I guess, but I think the more abstract the image, the more the viewer can be drawn into it (I believe). And the more the viewer can must provide his or her own interpretation to what they are seeing.

I think the image (below) of one of Marek's gum print is an good example of an abstract pinhole/gum print that could be viewed by an individual in a number of diverse ways. This was my first clicks from Marek's links, and I saw a refection of a bright red shore with lush green mountains behind it, on an unusually clear and blue lake. (call me crazy (its OK)).


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While a lot of alt-photo is about printing processes that provide greater detail to camera images, I think the strength of some processes is that they somewhat abstract the camera image, and draw in the viewer in a different way.

- Gregg