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Re: Pinhole gums

Hey Charles,

That's so funny about sharpening the pinholes. I'm sort of the opposite way. When I see a lens-based image printed digitally (or in the traditional darkroom), I usually keep thinking how much more interesting it might be if blurred a little. :)

On Nov 30, 2008, at 5:42 PM, Charles Ryberg wrote:

Marek wrote:
The pinholes were digital. I just removed the lens from my Canon 10D and placed one of those pinholes that goes back 10 years or more from the time I made pinhole pictures on film. The actual pinhole was about 0.2 mm from my 8x10 pinhole camera. It is mounted on a filter ring.
According to Bender's PINHOLE PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK 0.2mm is VERY short for an 8x10 image but just about right for a 35mm camera with an optimum focal length of about 85mm.
Charles Portland OR
As an aside, I have decided that I'm just not a "pinhole person." While I like the idea of pinholes, the first thing I do with an image is click the sharpen button. So, I might as well face it and stick to glass.