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RE: a few questions - Fabriano EW and palladium

I haven't used this paper but I have tried to acidify other papers and I am
guessing that what you see are fibers or places that were still alkaline,
i.e. uneven acidification.  
	Only guessing here...

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Subject: a few questions - Fabriano EW and palladium

Hi all...

I have a few questions re using Fabriano EW with palladium. My previous 
experience with using this paper for argyrotypes was generally very good.

I acidify with a 2-3% oxalic acid bath for at least 5 minutes, until no more

bubbles can be seen.

I coat with FO #1 and palladium, using no contrast agent. The digital 
negatives I use have sufficient density for achieving a good print. Printing

on Platine in this manner has been successful, yielding a long-range print 
tonality with good detail and color. I use an ammoniumm citrate developer, 
rinse and then clear with a citric acid first bath, and successive HCA baths

followed by a water wash.

I just started working with Fabriano EW for palladium work, and the tonal 
results so far are decent, however there is some yellow-gold speckling in 
several .dark areas of the print. At first I thought it was a coating 
problem due to sizing, and added a touch of Tween 20 to the solution, but 
the yellow speckles still showed up.

Here's a scan of the problem:


Has anyone seen this before? I'd love some feedback on this...



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