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Re: holidays are over tidbits


Are you taking a snipe at my pantyhose?

Are you going to post the wedding ring toss pics?

I was hoping APIS would be much earlier......

It's been really cold and freezy here in the Chicago area..... I haven't really wanted to go outside much, so I decided it was time to reorganize my studio, kitchen, bedroom and guestroom/alt photo storage area..... well, I might have been somewhat encouraged when my son, Ender Jr., gave me about 30 plastic storage bins with lids—in a great variety of sizes.  Maybe he was trying to tell me something.  Anyway, with a student arriving this Sunday, I will feel really great with such an orderly workplace!

Now back to polymer plate (which is going great).

On Jan 13, 2009, at 9:35:02 PM, "Christina Z. Anderson" <zphoto@montana.net> wrote:

From:"Christina Z. Anderson" <zphoto@montana.net>
Subject:holidays are over tidbits
Date:January 13, 2009 9:35:02 PM CST
To:"Alt List" <alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca>
Thank heavens! I for one am always glad when January comes.

Boy has the list been quiet, except for an occasional platinum spot and 
pantyhose snipe hunt.

While I was in Barnes and Noble I came across a book called Truth 
Beauty--had a lot of pictorial alt stuff in it--anybody seen and liked it?

Apparently there is a new book on alt in the French language--does anyone 
know the title of that?

And I am so GRUMPY because APIS (RICHARD!!) which is usually mid-ish July is 
the END of July this year! What up wit dat??? It coincides with an alt 
workshop at the San Diego Mopa I am doing so I would miss my first APIS 
since 1999! Any chance the date is wrong on the website Richard? If not, 
why so late?

Hmmm...what else....I shot a wedding in FL. Single women who are reaching up 
for the proverbial bouquet toss should make SURE not to wear a strapless 
dress. Or hold onto their dress while reaching at the very least.

No alt news at'all...well, at least I mentioned an alt book....

Christina Z. Anderson