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Re: a few questions - Fabriano EW and palladium

I looked at my last 8x10 piece of Fab EW, which has been acidified but not coated, and can see gold speckles on it, so I can eliminate any problems in coating, exposure or processing.

Either this sheet of paper arrived like this or something happened in the acidification process.

Fortunately, I have a new batch (10 sheets from Cheap Joe's end-of-year sale) which shows no defect. I'll acidify a few smaller pieces and inspect again upon drying...I'll report back again on the results...


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Subject: a few questions - Fabriano EW and palladium

I just started working with Fabriano EW for palladium work, and the tonal results so far are decent, however there is some yellow-gold speckling in several .dark areas of the print. At first I thought it was a coating problem due to sizing, and added a touch of Tween 20 to the solution, but the yellow speckles still showed up.

Here's a scan of the problem:


Has anyone seen this before? I'd love some feedback on this...