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Re: Custom color-separations in Photoshop or via camera

I read an interesting method the other day using colour filters and taking multiple photos. I guess it only works on still images, but is still an interesting method. Here is the article.


On 26-Jan-09, at 12:40 AM, Alberto Novo wrote:

Couldn't you do this with an rgb or cmyk separation followed by going back to the original image in color and doing a color selection for a particular area like the leaves in the green forest and making another negative just for that and using a specific green watercolor?
Yes, he can (where I have already heard this?...) :-)
The ways one can combine color separations are limited only by his imagination.
My first idea about using color separation different from the traditional complementary hues, was to play with the main color of the scene. The result is well depicted by the picture in my first page in the Gruppo Namias site named "Pratopiazza" (the green and blue one). Three selections: one for the sky and the far background, one for the trees and the meadows, one for the shadows, respectively printed in cyan, green and black.