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I missed the original post, but saw these responses.  I can't believe you didn't find anything searching the Internet.  

I agree with both Jack and Jim here.  Sam Wang also has a great tutorial on Malin's Alternative Photography  site and also on Unblinking Eye, both of which I found really helpful.  As I remember, Clay Harmon has something on Unblinking Eye as well, but that may be specific to gum over platinum-- but also helpful.  And I can't remember which PF Journal this is in, but Judy has a very detailed step-by-step in there,  complete with illustrations, so I'd purchase a copy of that as well.  And, really, just purchase the whole set.  (That PF set, my dog, and my negatives--not necessarily in that order--are the three things I'd run out with if the house caught fire.)  Katharine's website is really helpful as well.  Of course, I bugged everybody I know on this list (and off the list) about gum, and they were all really generous in helping me and sharing what they know-- including Katharine, Chris, and Jim.  (Glad to see you on this list now, Jim!).  I'm still struggling along here with my gum efforts, but I love the process itself, and certainly makes photographing/printing so much more interesting.


On Feb 11, 2009, at 12:48 AM, Jim Larimer wrote:

Good pointers, Jack! Add Katharine Thayer, Sam Wang and Keith Gerling. Just enter these names into a search engine and you will be richly rewarded.

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On Feb 10, 2009, at 7:51 AM, phritz phantom wrote:

i really need some help here. i searched the internet for hours yesterday, to no avail. could someone recommend me a good tutorial for color printing for alternative processes (esp. gum printing)?

Well, holy smokes, I'd read extensively the past threads of this list, buy Chris Anderson 's 2 present books
and see (is it out yet Chris?) if her book is out on gum printing yet. As well, see if you can garner all of
the superb, informative as well as interesting, publications by Judy Seigel of her Post Factory Photography
compilations. Too Christopher James book . . . . and, gee, stay on this listserve and you'll be set for life other than the constant practice and dedicated interest it requires.
Jack F