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For what it's worth I mention that I use archival transparent "book sleeves" (which come in many sizes, from Gaylord) for negative storage -- because, instead of an envelope that you have to pull the negative out of, possibly/probably scratching it (more of a risk with film negs than digital, of course, but still not a good idea IME) you just lift the flap. The 2nd side isn't as wide as the first, but by stacking with the full sheet over the emulsion side of the neg, it works.

Each neg gets its own sleeve, which, tho certainly more expensive than a whole bunch in one clear envelope, is very handy and cheap enough. (Tho, come to think of it, is Gaylord still there?)

Also, you can write the title or description of each image on the sleeve, and store in alphabetical order... (very convenient for reprinting, tho maybe not everyone does that?)