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Re: Keith's gum prints on wood panels

On Mar 3, 2009, at 9:30 AM, Keith Gerling wrote:

Thanks Katherine!

I appreciate your comments regarding how the portfolio appears
coherent and integrated.  This is timely commentary, because recently
I have begun printing many of these works - color and monochome - as
three-color gums all with the same pallette.  THIS is on the advise of
others who think it ought to look MORE even!
Well, it's just my opinion, and of course you're the one you really need to please, but to me, printing them all the same would make it into a lesser body of work than what we've seen. The idea that in order for a body of work to be coherent all of its elements should be printed in an identical color scheme seems a very lazy idea to me, and can result in a boring show where the pieces all look alike and the viewer's eye just scans over them all in a blur without really seeing any of them. Your pieces are each so individually interesting they command attention individually, but at the same time they work together in a beautiful way; like a symphony, the parts, while varied, are harmonious and coherent. A symphony that consisted of one note repeated over and over would be pretty boring, wouldn't it? (Even Philip Glass varies the note now and then.) Just my 2cents, FWIW,