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Re: Displaying alt prints

Rajul, I'm glad you're so patient with questions, because I'm still not seeing it and need to ask more questions.

First, my understanding is that you're talking about two different things, both involving steel sheets but (1) in the case of the prints on masa, you mounted or glued the masa to the steel sheets (before printing, right? Or maybe no... my recollection is that you mounted the masa on mylar before printing?) and (2) separately you're talking about matted prints in clear bags attached to the steel sheets by magnets?

The sheets are flat, like a cookie sheet, but bent (a 90 degree bend?) at the top so the lip could be rested on two nails? So the top of the sheet is an inch from the wall, or more, and the bottom of the sheet rests against the wall?

Am I picturing that right?


On Mar 4, 2009, at 11:58 AM, Rajul wrote:

Sorry Diana, I cannot provide a picture for you. But I will try and describe how I went about it.

Metal panels: these were steel sheets I got a local metal fabricator firm to cut and polish the edges of (for safe handling). They also made a 1" lip by bending each panel so
it could hang on two nails.

Powder Coating: This was done by a local powder-coating firm (can be pretty expensive unless
done on a batch of panels). There were plenty of colors to choose from but the one
I chose had a beautiful low-profile energy that did not out-shout the print itself, and
rather complemented it.

Magnets: were bought from a firm with a name Magna-Skin. They were on the internet at <www.magna-skin.com> but have since folded up. The magnets (bricks) are a Chinese import. If you Google, I am sure you will come up with something appropriate. Each measures 1.5L x 0.6W x 0.5" thick.

I hope this helps. If you have further questions, I will try and answer them.


On 4-Mar-09, at 10:54 AM, Diana Bloomfield wrote:

Hi Rajul,

Do you have a picture of what this looks like? I'm having trouble envisioning the prints mounted on the metal panels, but it sounds great. I would love to get away from mats, glass, etc. So if you have a picture, can you provide a link?


On Mar 4, 2009, at 1:39 PM, Rajul wrote:


I forgot to mention that in my most recent show of Masa prints, the matted prints were mounted on metal panels WITHOUT protecting them in plastic bags. This showed off the seductive surface beautifully, so the bags might be used just for storage and not for display.


On 4-Mar-09, at 10:32 AM, Paul Viapiano wrote:

Rajul...do you have any photos of this method?

Do you mean the prints were in the bags and then hung on the panels?

I like the idea of a quick change-out method but not the display of a print in a bag...hmm


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Dear List,

FWIW, I would like to share my experience on this subject which has cut enormous outlays of time and expense in accomplishing repeated hangings at the gallery which has carried my work until the economics of floor space and costs caused them to relocate (still in progress).

All my prints (~8 x 10", on various paper media) were matted (outer dimensions 16 x 20") and enclosed in Clearview plastic bags. These were held on metal panels (20 x 24") that were bent at the top to provide a lip for hanging, using 2 strong magnets. The panels were powder-coated with a cool grey-brown color that showed off platinum, Kalli or cyano-gum and other combos to great advantage (based on viewer feed-back).

At the end of a showing, all I had to do was to swap the old for new prints and voila, that was it.

Hope others will share their experiences to enable alt printers to devote more time to the thrill of generating prints that delight.