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Re: mystery paper

Hey Chris,

I *think* Twinrocker has a circular imprint-- and definitely 4 deckle edges-- but that paper seems so different from others, that you'd probably know it if you had any sitting around.

By the way, I just saw your other email. I'm curious why you chose to use plexi, since you didn't have to ship the work anywhere. As far as I'm concerned, it's just a magnet for all things bad, especially if you have animals in the house. But I am curious why you chose to use it instead of regular glass. I know others who use it often as well (when they're not shipping anything, either), and I can never determine why, so I figure I must be missing something. So do tell. :)


On Mar 7, 2009, at 6:49 PM, henk thijs wrote:

Well, i use paper from Schoellershammer and there is a circular imprint; can try to scan it if you want.

On 8 mrt 2009, at 0:22, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

Well it definitely is not the infinity symbol so not Arches. And not Stonehenge, therefore....hmmm....is it possibly Saunders Waterford??

Christina Z. Anderson
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I've used stonehenge before and it didn't have any imprimatur.