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Re: mystery paper

By the way, I just saw your other email. I'm curious why you chose to use plexi, since you didn't have to ship the work anywhere.

Yeah, I dislike Plexi intensely, Diana, but there are galleries that require it, and the intention is to send the work out. I don't do my own framing and once a piece is framed I don't take it out of the frame, thus I always use Plexi on the chance it will get juried into a show somewhere else than MT.

That said, nowadays the bugabear is that a lot of shows are beginning to require the black frame and white mat. In that case I do have to reframe the gum print which irks me to no end because I use neither black nor white with my work. My gums are usually framed in a barely off-white mat (I think it is Bainbridge White Elephant or Artigue) and Old World Pewter metal frames.