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Re: Overpriced Underpants

However, the truth is that the US Dollar has lost some and is
still losing value through rising inflation, current account
deficit and trade deficit. You may not see that in New
Zealand, but that's actually a good thing. Many money-savvy
people in the US bought AUD and NZD in anticipation of this a
few years ago.

I find it ironic to see spam emails these days trying to sell
people "dust" of precious metals at a bargain price. What a
scum artist! Sure, platinum is cheap (-er) these days, thanks
to the decline of the auto industry, and that's a good for
people around here.

Ryuji Suzuki
"Quality, hard work, commitment: The stuff America was made of.
Without them, there is no future."
(Lee Iacocca, in a Chrysler TV commercial)

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> It is symbolic only.  I think it arose because someone asked a question
> about Photoshop upgrade prices that was deemed impertinent by the presiding
> deities.
> Don Sweet
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