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Re: GIMP vs. CS4

Hi Greg and all -- having been prevented by the exigencies of reality from visiting this list for an entire (swoon !) 5 days, I logged on today to find 140 e-mails... only about 20 of which were spam (none however offering to enlarge my penis... so I guess that's over... sigh). Meanwhile, a few require comment... Some topics seem to have faded... but,
permit me:

Greg, are there any electronics stores up there in northland that let you use software before purchasing? If I recall, you operate a PC... but if there's an Apple store, they do let you try stuff before you buy. (I don't know if that includes other companies' software, tho an item in a local paper suggests it might: seems a young lady was arrested leaving the Apple store on 14th street with 3 discs for applications stuffed into her jacket pocket.)

Or, come to NYC. If you can snag one of those $600 discs somewhere, it would pay for the flight.


On Sat, 14 Mar 2009, Greg Schmitz wrote:

I downloaded and installed GIMP last night and it certainly has come a long way since the last time I took a look at it. I'd speculate that one of the reasons Adobe keeps the price points so low for their "academic version" (less than 30% of retail) is to deter further development of open source imaging programs that might compete with their product. Much, if not most, of the software that makes The Internet work was developed by students and academics on college campuses around the world. No doubt, if Photoshop was out of reach, many would turn their attention to developing Open Source alternatives.