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Re: agar sizing

Hi Alberto (and Damiano), very interesting indeed. What about preserving
the layer? Isn't agar-agar used to grow bacteria in glass dishes? (In
laboratories.) Is it durable as hardened gelatin? (Probably gelatin also
is vulnerable in humid conditions???) If it's durable then I would prefer
it to gelatin because it leaves formalin and such out of the procedure. I
can't say I like formalin much!

Damiano, I don't think you need "proper jelly" in the paper -> something
which makes the fibers less absorbent / less vulnerable to disintegration
would be fine.


16 Mart 2009, Pazartesi, 4:20 pm tarihinde, Damiano Bianca yazmış:
> ciao Alberto.
> molto interesante. Un pasticciere  mi dice che il potere gelificante
> inizia
> al 2 x mille. Non sei forse troppo alto?
> dam
> very interesting but a pastry chef tells me that the gelling power starts
> at
> about 2 gr/liter.
> 2009/3/16 Alberto Novo <alt.list@albertonovo.it>
>> I have given a try to cuprotype on BFK sized with 1.7% agar-agar by
>> brush
>> (2% was setting too fast). There is no need to harden the size, because
>> agar
>> is soluble only in boiling water, and thus I used my paper in a few
>> hours.
>> As the results were satisfatory and agar sizing looks promising, I
>> wonder if
>> you have any experience with this size and different processes.
>> Alberto

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