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Re: Pond-moonrise (was: Re: Steichen image in April's 'Vanity Fair'

On Thu, 19 Mar 2009, Katharine Thayer wrote:

Yes, I said the same thing myself, earlier in the thread. But that doesn't explain why a print that should be deep blue with black trees and a yellow moon is shown on the museum's website as overall brown with just a faint touch of blue in the sky. Maybe they've just got it totally wrong, which is why I was joking that Judy should go up to the Met and see if she can ascertain for herself whether the print has actually faded that much.
I may have been breathing too much ammonia, but I hadn't realized that print is supposed to be on display at the Met... As an economy measure the Met has stopped sending calendars, and/or as a de-chaos measure, I discard them with the other ton of mail that lands every day, so I can't check -- and in any event the Met wouldn't mention just one print...

However, I pay $95/year for membership and rarely manage to get there more than once a year (yes, it's stupid, but it's a good cause and I always think I'll manage better this year, tho it IS way uptown, WAY uptown -- and we Villagers think we get nosebleeds if we go above 14th Street)...

Still, it hasn't been clear to me in this welter of parsings and possibilities that the met's print is actually on view.... does anyone know about that (I thought the one on view was at Howard Greenberg Gallery -- In fact, the Met is so "rich" in art, they never can show more than a fraction at any one time.)

However, I am determined to get there before May 25 -- to see the "Walker Evans and the Picture Post Card" show... Walker Evans always has something new to say... and I love postcards (doesn't eveybody?). But if anyone has better info on the Moonrise at the Met... please advise.

PS. I was mulling over the fact that we didn't find anything along the waterfront remotely like that scene, and -- cynical New Yorker maybe -- decided it may not have been photographed in Manaroneck anyway... I mean "Moonrise over Larchmont" doesn't resonate, "Moonrise over Portchester" either. I dare say Steichen knew a thing or two about promotion -- so.... he made it M and M....