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Re: Here's the print scan!

Very nice, congrats. I like the image. I like the split tone effect and
creamy highlights too. (A digital negative / Which printer?)

Does the darkest parts in the foreground show some detail in the actual
print? If not, I'd say (purely subjectively) you could use a slightly less
contrasty (longer DR) coating solution to bring some detail there too ->
of course that's assuming you have detail in the original negative /
digital file...


20 Mart 2009, Cuma, 2:07 am tarihinde, Paul Viapiano yazmış:
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/viapiano/3368502595/sizes/o/
> This is the print I made yesterday. The usual disclaimers that the print
> color is slightly off in the browser, as well as there being more detail
> in
> the sky highlights than shows on the scan, etc, etc, blah, blah...
> Hope y'all like it...
> Paul