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Re: Pond-moonrise (was: Re: Steichen image in April's 'Vanity Fair'

The Steichen that is reproduced in the catalogue is in colour. The blue is
very striking. It's described as "platinum print toned with yellow and
blue-green pigment" in contrast with another Steichen ("The Pool - Evening:
a symphony to a race and to a soul" 1898) which is explicitly described as a
gum bichromate-platinum print.

On another (slightly off-)topic, I went into the London Photographer's
Gallery at its new HQ near Oxford Circus this week. The bookshop there is
touted as "the best photography bookshop in Europe" - maybe I didn't look
hard enough, but I couldn't see anything there about alt processes. What
they did have was a big cabinet of Holga, Lomo and pinhole cameras of all
shapes and sizes. While I was there they seemed to be getting more attention
than the books.

Best wishes


On 20/3/09 02:12, "Katharine Thayer" <kthayer@pacifier.com> wrote:

> On Mar 17, 2009, at 7:20 PM, Keith Schreiber wrote:
>> The entry in the exhibition catalog says it's the one from the Met.
>> FWIW, it also describes it as a "platinum print with yellow and
>> blue-green pigment".
>> Keith
>> On Mar 17, 2009, at 9:02 PM, Joseph Smigiel wrote:
>>> Anyone know which version was in "On The Art Of Fixing A Shadow"
>>> exhibition?  I saw it in Chicago and was absolutely enthralled by it.
> Keith, I found a citation that this print was reproduced in that
> exhibition catalog, plate 172.  I don't suppose we'd be lucky enough
> that it was reproduced in color?
> It's also said to be reproduced in Joel Smith's "Edward Steichen:
> The Early Years" pl 26.
> And in Homer, "Alfred Stieglitz and the Photo-Secession."  pl 60.
> It's also wrongly cited to Longwell's Steichen: The Master Prints, pl
> 35, but that's the MoMA print, not the Met print.
> I've already searched all my sources, and the only reproduction I
> have of that particular print (in Naef)  is black and white.
> I also can't find any reproduction online of the print, other than
> the one on the Met site.
> Thanks, if anyone can produce or describe any color reproductions of
> this print.
> Katharine