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Re: Pond-moonrise (was: Re: Steichen image in April's 'Vanity Fair'

On Mar 17, 2009, at 7:20 PM, Keith Schreiber wrote:

The entry in the exhibition catalog says it's the one from the Met. FWIW, it also describes it as a "platinum print with yellow and blue-green pigment".


On Mar 17, 2009, at 9:02 PM, Joseph Smigiel wrote:

Anyone know which version was in "On The Art Of Fixing A Shadow" exhibition? I saw it in Chicago and was absolutely enthralled by it.

Keith, I found a citation that this print was reproduced in that exhibition catalog, plate 172. I don't suppose we'd be lucky enough that it was reproduced in color?

It's also said to be reproduced in Joel Smith's "Edward Steichen: The Early Years" pl 26.

And in Homer, "Alfred Stieglitz and the Photo-Secession." pl 60.

It's also wrongly cited to Longwell's Steichen: The Master Prints, pl 35, but that's the MoMA print, not the Met print.

I've already searched all my sources, and the only reproduction I have of that particular print (in Naef) is black and white.

I also can't find any reproduction online of the print, other than the one on the Met site.

Thanks, if anyone can produce or describe any color reproductions of this print.