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Re: First print on Al

22 Mart 2009, Pazar, 9:08 pm tarihinde, Rajul yazmış:
> ...
> I will also be meeting with someone who uses primed Al sheets to do
> (?) art on hopefully tomorrow or day after. Will inform you if relevant.

I hope you will be able to fetch useful information...

> When you say you sanded the surface, Keith and Loris,  was it AFTER
> applying the gesso? I would imagine if one lightly sanded the Al
> sheet, then squeaky cleaned it, then gessoed it, it might benefit
> from increased tooth.

I sand after applying the gesso. Since the ground is pretty thick, I don't
think sanding the sheet itself will be useful for the gum layers. I
experienced ground flaking once and it didn't flake to the extent of
showing the underlying aluminum surface...

> Color Merging: when you do a yellow gum on top of a blue gum pass on
> paper media , you get some green areas. I did not see any green on my
> first Al print: the two colors remained unmixed, defined by the
> underlying brush strokes from the gessoeing  and the brush strokes
> from spreading the gum emulsion.

Thanks for the explanation.